UPDATED (11:38am, April 15, 2012): Team Finals results added.

Last year, Reynolds won and South Delta came in second. This year, they switched spots with South Delta taking first place and Reynolds taking first runner-up.

Vancouver island was well-represented with Glenlyon Norfolk and Reynolds both from the Victoria area, and both making Finals stage.

If we gave out a Most Improved Award (and maybe we should), it would have to go to New West. Last year, they showed up at the last minute, filling in for another team that had cancelled. They didn’t fare too well but showed lots of spirit. This year they were a true contender and were in contention right until the final score of the night.

The Indies Finals competition blew the roof on The Rio Theatre. 12 of the best youth poets in BC participated in a three round slam of poetic madness. The first round was a 3-minute round with regular slam rules. 12 poets performed and the top 7 advanced (highlighted in blue). The second round was the lightning round where poets performed 1-minute poems. 7 poets performed and the top 4 advanced (highlighted in blue). The third and final round was the anarchy round where poets had to break one of the rules of poetry slam.

Congratulations to all the finalists for taking part and to Floyd V.B. for becoming the first-ever Hullabaloo Indies Champion!

The full scores from each bout for the points nerds: Hullabaloo-scores-complete-updated.pdf